About Partnership Developers

Partnership Developers is a division of Kyosei Systems, a team of Web Developers from across the world, with customer bases in the UK and Japan.

As Kyosei Systems, we have been working together since 2001, on Custom Web Application projects for large companies, as well as web design projects for Enterprise customers.  But a few years ago, the core team decided to work take on projects (one-at-a-time) for enterprises with good, commercial ideas; but which were challenged for the capital to make them work.  We can help to finance the project by dramatically reducing our fees and deferring a large part of the remaining development costs.

We started with SportSessionPlanner.com, which is now raising the bar of sports coaching at many of the top Football Clubs in the world: it's now a successful, growing business.  And we're on the look-out for another possible partner.

It's not a philanthropic passtime for us: we're looking for projects which have the right concept and entrepreneurs to make a successful business; and one where we have the right skills to play a major part in making it successful. Success means our Partner has a proiftable business without giving away a large proportion of equity to a venture capitalist.  It gives us the opportunity to be part of that successful business into the future.