How it Works

The internet is an exciting place.  As web technologies mature, there are countless opportunities for working and enjoying leisure in new, exciting ways.  Web applications are changing the world!

To date, the most prolific internet applications have been shopping and communications.  The good news for entrepreneurs who have business ideas in these areas, is that there is a wealth of software tools freely available to be configured to your specific needs.  (Our parent company, Kyosei Systems, can help you to do this.)

For other applications, creative ideas abound, but only a small fraction of them are commercially viable.  If you have such a concept, and the sales skills to bring it to market, Partnership Developers can help you with the remaining hurdle: the cost of developing a web application to realise your vision.

We are always on the look-out for game-changing new concepts, which will revolutionise work or play for a particular group.  It could be a concept aimed at a mass-market audience, or otherwise something very attractive to a small, well-heeled niche market.  Either way, if you can sell the opportunity to us, we can help you implement it.

Funding Options

If you really, critically need a custom web application, the chances are that it will be the heart of your business project: not just a vehicle for delivering the concept, but the engine of the project itself. 

You'll need to finance the original development, and then continually plough part of your profits into improvements to keep pace with new technologies and ahead of your competition.

It may be that you can fund the web application from your own, deep pockets... for you we give a second invitation to consider how well Kyosei Systems can build your web app.

But otherwise, you'll be looking for financing options:

  • Banks and high-street lenders are reluctant to fund new projects, which they see as high risk.  Even if you succeed in persuading them, they will offer a fully-secured loan, require fixed-period repayments, and you still have to pay the development cost of your web application in full.
  • Venture capitalists may help to fund your project (here be dragons!) but they will demand a high price as a share of your business.  Even then, you still need to pay the full development cost of your web application, and still have the on-going cost of continual development.

Isn't there a better way to share the risk?

How Partnership Developers can Help

  • We start by discounting development from Kyosei Systems' (already competitive) rates... typically by about 40%.
  • Then we split the remaining development costs so that you pay a fixed monthly contribution towards the initial development, and defer the remainder until your business project is generating sufficient revenue to pay it down gradually.
  • Free managed hosting during the first year of Live operation, while you build up your revenue stream.
  • When initial development is complete, we give a permanent 20% discount for on-going development.

So What's the Cost?

  • As already discussed, a Web Application constantly evolves.  You'll always want to add new features, respond to new technologies, meet your customers' changing needs and improve your own marketing/take-up rate.
  • As Partners, we will provide that on-going development.  That's the only cost.
  • In the Partnership Agreement, we will agree a minimum on-going percentage of Gross Profit which will be invested in continual development.s
  • As for the deferred portion of the development costs, it can be repaid as part of the agreed proportion of gross profit: it will attract no interest, there is no time limit for repayment, and in the unthinkable scenario that the business project closes before without repayment is complete, there will be no further liability.

With a vested interested in commitment to ensure success from both parties, a Partnership Development can be the ideal way to develop a web application.  Click here to read a Case Study, or here to submit initial details of your own project.