Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy tells you how we use your data, and how we keep it secure.

Any personal information we request from you is safeguarded under the Data Protection Act 1998. This Act regulates the processing of information relating to individuals, including the holding, use or disclosure of such information.

Use of Personal Data

  • The only personal data collected on this website is when you submit a project.  That information will be shared within our team.
  • As on all web-sites, page requests from your browser are logged, along with any technical details provided automatically by your browser.
  • All data received by us will be treated confidentially.  It will never be sold, or shared without your permission (unless demanded by a court order).


  • This website uses cookies, which are used in the mechanics of the providing the website service.
  • But it uses no 3rd party cookies, and has no direct connections to other websites (such as Advertising websites, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, E-bay and Amazon) which would track your browsing habits.


As a Customer, we may store privileged information on your behalf.  This section explains our server security policy:

  • Physical Security: all our servers are installed in secure data centres, with controlled access procedures.
  • Backup Security: your website and other important data are backed-up each night, to a remote data centre.
  • Hardware Failure Resilliance: our hardware is covered by a 4-hour replacement policy.  All disk storage are provided in RAID arrays which are regularly polled and verified to ensure failover protection is fullly working.
  • Server Access: log-in access to the server is tightly controlled with login-blocks on multiple log-in failure, tightly configured firewall, access control monitoring and alerts, daily manual system administrator reviews, as well as a package of other security measures we do not publicise.
  • Up-time Monitoring: all our servers are polled for up-time on many check-point criteria, every 5 seconds.  Any failures and warnings are immediately alerted to the Sys Admins.

Application Passwords

  • Your password in all our websites are stored in an encrypted format on our servers.  This means your password is secret, even from us.
  • Passwords in Custom Web Applications written by us are secured to industry best practice at the time the application is written.  For security geeks, that currently means our passwords have individual long salts which are changed on every user log-in.