Price List

This website has set out the principle of the Partnership Development offering in detail.  But is meaningful only together with our own list prices which you can compare with other software developers.

Unlike other software developers, Kyosei Systems has always had a policy of transparency; and published a full price list on their website.  These are the Developers' prices for regular projects, and they're listed in the right-hand column to compare with the Partnership deal.  To compare these prices with other businesses, you will probably have to request a full breakdown of their prices, but we're confident that you'll find ours are competitive. 

Our development partners enjoy vastly reduced pricing for the initial development: that is, until the initially agreed functionality is in place which is likely to be well beyond the time the web application first goes live and starts generating revenue.  The biggest reductions are for programming, graphic design, web design and testing, which compose the bulk of development time.

Following initial development, our Partners will enjoy a permanent 20% discount from Kyosei Systems' published price list.

  Partnership Temporary
Reduced Cost
Long Term Project Prices

Kyosei Systems

Resource Hourly Hourly Hourly
Database Administration £70.83 £85.00 £102.00
Client Side Programming £57.50 £69.00 £82.80
Graphic Design £54.17 £65.00 £78.00
Project Management £67.50 £81.00 £97.20
Server-side Programming £57.50 £69.00 £82.80
Software Architecture £67.50 £81.00 £97.20
Sotware Testing £57.50 £69.00 £82.80
System Administration £70.83 £85.00 £102.00
Web Design £54.17 £65.00 £78.00