Case Study:

Many of the elements of SportSessionPlanner's web application will have close parallels to your own requirement.  This is a detailed case study, and with reason: it will help you build a checklist of elements and considerations, a timeline and priorities for your Web Development project.

After coaching in Liverpool FC Academy for 10 years, and through his job as Director of Sports at a large UK high school, Magnus Alford realised a gap in the market for an on-line tool for sports coaches to prepare training sessions.

Magnus had a vision for a global library of training session plans.  Coaches could develop their own training sessions from scratch, use a ready-prepared training session, or mix-and-match ready-prepared training drills with their own.  They could draw on a world-wide repository of expertise, reduce preparation time from an hour or more to just five minutes, and have their sessions filed and easy-to-find for the future.  In addiiton to the Public Library, each Club would have its own shared library, and each coach their own private Library.

Unlike any other session planner, the sessions would be made in 3D, making them much easier to demonstrate to a team.  Reducing time in explaining the training session would mean more time practising on the pitch.  And training sessions could be circulated to the team in advance by e-mail or on social media.

Sample screens from

Within six months of starting the project, Release 1 of the website was live, and the first Clubs and Coaches had taken out a subscription.  But over the next 2½ years there was much more work to do, largely supported by website-generated income:

  • Continual improvements in the Training Session Editor and the User Front End, largely driven by valuable feedback by Users
  • Support for on-line renewals and upgrading subscriptions
  • Value-added and optional facilities for Clubs, including coach account management, more libraries and inter-club sharing, a player evaluation system, a Match preparation and recording system, applying look-and-feel of Clubs' own websites,
  • Advertising and instructional how-to videos
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web analytics
  • A powerful back-end admin system with Club and User management facilities, a billing system, real-time Gross Profit calculations, regional and multi-currency pricing, mass import and communication, user notification alerts, bounced mail processing,
  • Support for multiple selling streams, including customer account managers, click-through commissions, Reseller Clubs,
  • Adding extra sports
  • Migration to a more powerful server

Today, many of the most famous football/soccer Clubs from around the world depend on SportSessionPlanner, and the web applicaiton has inspired thousands of coaches, bringing them new ideas, helping develop their coaching technique, and improving the performance of their players.  And there's much more to do in the future, including adding more sports and multiple languages, which will multiply the customer reach of the application.

Page through the sections of this case study to understand the length, breadth, commitment required, priority juggling and gotchas to avoid in taking on a Custom Web Application project; and find out how Partnership Developers can help to realise your vision.