What does every customer get from the Web Developers?

  • A software architect who will understand your concept, agree with you the best commercial way to exploit it in a web application, and then design it for you and manage the project team.
  • A development team consisting of specialist programmers and tester(s), and involvement from a database administrator, a system administrator, tester(s) and a web/graphic designer.  (We can also provide content and multi-media authoring, marketing, training and administration services if required.)
  • Access to a daily report from every resource on the project, saying what has been achieved and how long it took.
  • Involvement in the professional development environment, including access to the code versioning and deployment systems, bug-tracking system,
  • A highly competitive development rate for substantial projects (3,000 hours and above)
  • Benefit from programming on our previous projects which can be quickly implemented in your web application.