What if there is no more development work to be done?

  • In our experience, there's no end to development of a custom web application unless the business stops operating.  That's why our first advice is that you should consider carefully whether you really need a custom web app.  These are the reasons:
    • Websites are subject to fashion and changing technologies: the style of appearance will need to be refreshed occasionally to remain current, and functionality will need to change according to current trends (such as supporting mobile devices and changes in social media).
    • The marketplace itself does not stand still: if you have stolen a lead on your competitors, you will need to maintain constant innovation to keep it: adding new features for your customers, new efficiencies for order fulfilment, new efficiencies in accounts admin and improvements marketing intelligence to increase conversion rates, etc.  The maxim "innovate or perish" is very applicable to web apps.
    • Every two years or so, a server operating system must be upgraded, because support ends on the previous release, which means it's very difficult and costly to keep secure.  The new server operating system may have a new version of the database, programming languages and other software used by your web app.  Your software will need to be tested and perhaps modified to keep working.
    • All complex software requires maintenance: even software made by the very best developers requires a level of on-going bug-fixes and low level improvements to meet changes in statutary requirements.
  • So while the form of the web application will probably change over time, the internet will not be un-invented.  But if you have a web application requirement which is an exception to the assumption of constant development, the developers would be interested to hear about it.